My first sketch daily… Better late than never?

My first sketch daily… 

Better late than never?

My Infinite Corpse submission got posted today!

I found out about this site through my friend, Eric Zettlemoyer.
Naturally, I followed his comic!


I’ve never made x-mas cards before and I wanted to leave a good first impression on my friends and family.

For this holiday season, I’m setting up an opportunity for you folks! Whoever likes and/or reblogs this set of cards has a chance to win a package with prints and more from your’s truly. It will be randomly picked, and the count for the giveaway ends Friday, December 20th at midnight. I will message you and you will have to send me your address! It will be just in time for Christmas! ;)

You don’t have to be following me, but the package WILL BE of my art, haha! What’s inside is totally a surprise right now, but it will probably at least be one of these cards, if not all three! :)

So yeah! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, yada yada! :P (and good luck!)

Me the other evening!
RAW Pittsburgh Film Nominee: Rob SassiRAW Pittsburgh Presents: RAW Semi Finals 11-22-2013Pittsburgh, PA
Photo by: @davidkellydotcow:

Me the other evening!

RAW Pittsburgh Film Nominee: Rob Sassi

RAW Pittsburgh Presents: RAW Semi Finals 11-22-2013
Pittsburgh, PA

Photo by: @davidkellydotco

Chuck by Rob Sassi

Chuck is the second track on my solo EP.
This was a studio remake of a song that I originally improvised at my ex-co-worker’s house after work one day. I saw a guitar laying in his house and asked if I could jam out on it, and he complied. I normally just mess around and make up lyrics for fun.
He enjoyed what I was doing. As I was about to leave, he had some clients walk in (he tattoos), which led to him saying I should make a song about everyone before I head out. I decided to record it on my phone and I liked it enough to try to capture it again with this recording.
Again, everything is performed by me EXCEPT the drum kit… That was Ivan.
The original song is here!

P.S. The abrupt ending will make more sense in sequential order.

Things Will Never be the Same by Rob Sassi

This is the last track on my short 4 song solo EP that should be completely mixed here within the month.

It’s also the only song I wrote that is not from 2013… but rather, 2007-2008? I can’t even remember.

This current recording is a new take on the old song (which was originally recorded on my laptop) and I just kept the main bass-line, the rhythm guitar and lyrics. I essentially improvised all the layers on top, besides drums. That was my friend Ivan, who actually recorded this project for me as well.

This was more of a laid-back recording session for me, but I think Ivan is doing a pretty good job with everything.

Doodle from tonight.

Doodle from tonight.

Day 3: Inktober.I’m using this month as an “excuse” to finish the storyboards for my next project! I’m keeping everything really loose at the moment.It feels good to finally get things on the road!

Day 3: Inktober.
I’m using this month as an “excuse” to finish the storyboards for my next project! I’m keeping everything really loose at the moment.
It feels good to finally get things on the road!

I’ve been messing around with this 80s girl puppet (I don’t name anything, it’s a problem).

Animating personality walks is one of the hardest thing to do in stop motion (don’t believe me? try it!). I did a handful so far, but I liked these two for different reasons.

I was aiming for a more aggressive walk.

What do you think?

Hiya Tumblr!

I decided I was going to try to offer doing some commissions since I am kinda in a life rut right now and really need some cash! Things that were supposed to happen this month fell through and I’m kinda in a life bind currently… But that’s good news for you!

I am currently accepting animal commissions! These are just a few examples of how they could be rendered, but I will admit it was really hard for me to narrow down a list since I tend to work in many different styles. I might do a humans one eventually (or maybe if you look at my blog and really see something you want me to do… we can chat!).

This is how it’ll work, you choose what you want me to draw (If you want a mythical creature, I will accept that too (even POKEMON!!)). I could potentially stylize instead of doing a realistic render, but that’s up to you.

  • Linework: $8 + Additional Characters ($3)
  • Color: $12
  • Background: $15

I will be accepting payment through PayPal (
Once I see the money is deposited, I will finish your piece in a 1-2 day period depending! Then I will send you the high res file.

If you are interested, feel free to message me on her or shoot me an email with your request! Again, we can discuss a potential idea if you have something different in mind that you would like!

Thanks everyone and if I could maybe get some reblogs to help spread the word, I would be forever grateful!!! :)

I guess I’m going to start doing more concept art for my prehistoric world this way… I will admit I am doing a lot of guessing on the anatomy…

This is a Morion Turtle! Nothing too fancy about this creature… just a turtle doing turtle things.


Meet Hilda.I’ve been trying to draw girls more. This started out a lot different… haha.PRINTS.

Meet Hilda.
I’ve been trying to draw girls more. 
This started out a lot different… haha.


While doodling earlier, I think I accidentally drew Kim Kardashian…?!?!?!


While doodling earlier, I think I accidentally drew Kim Kardashian…?!?!?!



It’s been awhile since I worked on any concept art for my prehistoric world idea… wow! 

I wanted to draw a weird creature really bad so I drew up this guy and tried to work out his anatomy… I’m not really sure if this is convincing or not haha.

The bones of this guy are full of holes, so it weighs significantly less than it appears. This guy primarily travels via ground and can reach high speeds with it’s light bone mass. Eats small rodents and fish mainly.